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  • Second shipwreck found loaded with treasure off coast of Ireland


    The same underwater salvage experts who recently discovered the wreck of the silver laden SS Gairsoppa have found another sunken vessel loaded with the preci…
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    Treasure Auction #7 Auction Catalog by Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC. – Session I (Wednesday, April 7, 2:00 pm EDT): Gold coins …


  • Vlog – 2000 Year Old Shipwreck Reveals 3422 Roman Coins

    Picture Italian archaeologists have retrieved a sunken treasure of 3422 ancient bronze coins in the small Sicilian island of Pantelleria, they announced today. Discovered by chance during a survey to create an underwater archaeological itinerary,the coins have been dated between 264 and 241 BC. See the rest of the Article here
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  • Shipwreck Diving in the Maldives

    You might not think looking at an old ship wreck is anything special but in the Maldives, Tripadvisor has rated this Number 1 in their list of top-rated things to do.

    The ship wreck is actually the MV Maldive Victory, which sank over 20 years ago, but is now a popular diving attraction.

    Only 10 minutes away from Male, close to the award winning Kurumba Resort, the 110 meters long Maldive Victory wreck lies 35 meters below sea level in an upright position and even still has its full mast intact.

    This site is a popular diving trip in the Maldives, as the wreck is now home to some amazingly colourful coral, tropical fish and other flora. As with other popular diving sites in the Indian Ocean, the visibility under water is great and often hundreds of different types of fish can be seen leisurely swimming around the calm, blue waters. Most commonly spotted are Batfish, who hover around the structure, while playful barracuda swim above the deck and through the ships passageways.  Lionfish, snappers and humphead wrasses can also be seen around the wreck, making this diving trip totally different to other spots in the Maldives.

    Diving to the Maldive Victory Wreck can be a great introduction to diving when the current is light, making it an exciting attraction to do on a family holiday. However, during rougher currents divers should be experienced and ensure they wear suitable clothing. Full diving attire and breathing equipment is provided by the many diving tour companies in the Maldives. Hotels such as the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa offer fantastic diving and fishing excursions to many popular sites in the Maldives, and travel and tickets can be arranged with the hotel concierge.

    This exciting, historical adventure shows that Maldives holidays aren’t just about relaxing on a beach and enjoying fancy spa treatments.

    You can explore the waters and find some truly fascinating things, other than fish!

    Maldives holidays are more popular than ever as couples and families want to travel further to enjoy that little bit extra. With amazing luxury resorts, excellent flight services and diving and fishing trips that fascinate people of all ages, the Maldives is a world-class luxury holiday destination.

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  • Shipwreck Sunday! A fun day metal detecting the beach for nautical relics and tourist gold!

    Shipwreck Sunday! A fun day metal detecting the beach for nautical relics and tourist gold! presents SHIPWRECK SUNDAY. Well, it was a sunday when this relic hunt started at least! Lots of great metal detecting on the beach, if you don’t mind the occasional 20 ton shrip wreck relic. Got some tourist gold too, and that’s never a bad thing. Maybe the opening anamation reveals a bit too much about my age and state of sanity, but this is kind of normal for my demented treasure hunting mind. Music by Kevin Macleod.

    The White Star Liner RMS Republic foundered at sea January 24,1909, with a cargo which has been described by one author as “riches beyond most men’s wildest dreams,” and many other sources as ” million (1909 value) in American Gold Eagles.” Today, the coin values would bring the recovery to at least many hundreds of millions of dollars, and some experts have estimated that the recovery (with proper marketing of the recovered coins) could approach billion or more, making the Republic salvage the largest treasure recovery of all time. A 2011 – 2012 expedition to retrieve this vast treasure is in the planning.

  • Treasure Quest: Shipwreck Explorer

    What would it be like to spend your whole life looking for ancient shipwrecks and loads of gold and silver booty? This week Kasey-Dee talks with a group of shipwreck explorers to find out what it’s really like. For more treasure hunting adventures and about the Discovery Channel TV show, Treasure Quest, visit
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    The Age of Exploration…Simply to utter the phrase is to summon images of majestic ships in full sail, laden with riches and captained by brave souls, ever-alert for signs of plundering pirates. These are the forces that shaped the New World during the Era of Discovery. But historians agree that perhaps the greatest infl uence of all did not come sailing over the waves. Instead, it was a ship lost to the briny deep that paved the way for the growth of our own fledgling nation. That ship was the El Cazador, “The Hunter,” a Spanish Brig of War loaded with a vast treasury of freshly-minted silver and bound for the New World. We may never know what mysterious force sank her. But it is certain that her lost treasure holds the key to the birth of the nation we know today. Every coin tells a story…but perhaps no coin in history tells a more riveting tale than the coins of El Cazador, “the shipwreck that changed the world.” Visit to learn more!

  • Millions In Gold and Silver Treasure From Possibly From San Miguel Archangel Shipwreck In 1987 Dominic Addario, a boat tour operator, received information from a couple of surfers who had reported seeing a half buried cannon near modern day Jupiter Inlet on the east coast of Florida. Flash forward to 2012, Addario no longer runs boat tours, he’s in the treasure recovery business. Addario and his team known as Jupiter Wreck Inc. have been working this site for the past 25 years. They’ve recovered masses of silver and gold coins that date between 1652 and 1659. “There is no question in our minds it is a Spanish ship,” stated Addario in an article on the Buisness News Daily Website ( http ) On Jupiter Wreck Inc’s. own website ( ) they’ve gone one step further, hinting that this shipwreck is quite possibly the San Miguel Archangel. The San Miguel Archangel sank in 1659 after taking a beating from hurricane force winds and 30 foot waves. She was Spain’s economic hope and rumored to carry the personal fortune of the Count of Salvatierra. The wreck site is in 10 foot of water and is no further from shore than a toss of a tennis balls “If you had a tennis ball from the shore line, you could pop it right out into this area. It’s right there” said Jeff Gehring of Jupiter Wreck Inc during an interview with Fox 29 Eye On South Florida. You can view the video of this interview at Jupiter’s website. The site has produced canons, cannon balls, muskets and of course thousands of coins
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  • Ancient Shipwreck Treasure Restored in Modern-Day Lab

    Items recovered from ancient shipwrecks usually haven’t seen the light of day in hundreds or even thousands of years. Discovery Channel’s Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out how these artifacts are preserved. For more shipwreck recovery stories and information about the Discovery Channel’s Treasure Quest TV show, go to

  • Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC presents Shipwreck Treasure & World Coin Auction #11

    Treasure and World Coin Auction #11 is open for bidding! Join thousands of bidders around the world and see how fun and easy it is to bid in real time for authentic pieces of history and numismatic rarities. Gold, silver, emeralds, bars, cannons, treasure chests, Latin American and worldwide prime quality numismatic single coins and collections–you will find it all here!